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Green Rocket Digital founder Francis Battaglia has decades of experience freelancing in international film, television and digital production and post, including major studio networks, feature films and four years full-time experience at an action sports start-up which won a Webby for "best sports website".

Digital marketing has evolved over the years since Google first acquired YouTube, and businesses in 2022 are still scrambling to keep up with the challenges of evolving digital production and marketing workflows.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing has gotten more sophisticated and  complex. Since 2017, private marketing community Traffic Think Tank has been a great resource when it comes to learning and evolving as necessary for savvy website development, SEO strategy, SEO content and digital marketing services.

Green Rocket Digital's mission is to maximize results for clients by utilizing collective knowledge, experience and resources to promote local and forward-thinking projects, businesses, products and services.

This mission was originally inspired in 2006 after developing and producing an original series for the The G Living Network, which was well-received online with an audience of 16 million people its first season without advertising. It was the world's first modern green lifestyle network, recorded weekly in the home of a green architect in Venice Beach, California.

G-Land Indo Francis Battaglia camera-operator cinematographer ASP WCT QuikPro 1996

Photo above: G-Land, shooting the Quicksilver Pro 1996 and Quiksilver surf film Metaphysical with Alby Falzon

With over 25 years experience working independently and with teams on various projects, Francis got his start  writing and producing a project for PBS while attending U of DE which won a national award. After learning to professionally shoot and edit on the east coast, he moved west in 1992.

A love of surfing landed him steady work freelancing as a broadcast editor and camera operator on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour (ASP WCT).

He edited SURFER Magazine's first four Video Awards Shows, a surf film for Quiksilver, and a documentary for Sublime before learning visual effects and moving to Topanga, California, in 1997.

on-line video editor Francis Battaglia San Clemente CA 1995

Photo above: freelancing as an online editor in San Clemente and Orange County in 1993. 

In 2000, he left LA for a while to work in San Francisco, San Clemente and Huntington Beach at a Webby Award–winning action sports start-up as a one-man video department—chasing giant waves at the Cortes Bank and Mavericks, making TV commercials, big-wave documentaries, and a video channel for Surfline—before returning to visual effects and exploring sustainability.

After producing an original Web series for the G Living Network, he's worked on both coasts in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, Atlantic City, Africa and Ecuador in various roles on a wide range of projects.

Photo above: digital remastering episodes of Star Trek in 2012 at CBS Digital in Hollywood

The planet is undergoing a big transition in 2022.

Local resilient economies and digital communications are evolving offline and online.

Amazing people, projects and businesses are inspiring others while the majority of industries and business as usual still have a heavy impact on our natural resources.

Our objective is to leverage quality digital content, tools and marketing strategies to further and grow sustainable businesses and various special projects.

Having a solid website and online presence has become more important than ever in 2022.

Quality photos, graphics, videos and copy can be optimized on web pages and YouTube channels and potentially rank well enough to drive significant organic search traffic. Mixing the organic with the paid ads and content can work best as a hybrid strategy.

There are plenty of digital marketing solutions that can help increase project, product and brand awareness, understanding and relative success metrics and conversions. This includes digital marketing strategies for food, energy, hospitality, health & wellness industries as well as everyday brick & mortar small local businesses and e-commerce and remote services online.

It's all about the kids, and building strong, local, resilient economies and communities. The ocean tribe is a global tribe naturally connected to nature's gifts and attuned to this deep respect and understanding.

Let's work together and make good things happen.

The Americas (North and South)

Working in the USA and Ecuador

In early 2020 a work project in Ecuador took a detour as world events unfolded. The project became postponed indefinitely. Green Rocket Digital remains based in the USA and serves domestic and international clients on a range of special projects and services.

Francis Battaglia surfing at the jetty in Brigantine, NJ, 1989

Surfing Roots
Growing up living close to the ocean on the island of Brigantine, NJ

Costa Rica Monteverde Cloud Forest 1988

Latin America
Late 80s, a key introduction: studying abroad in Costa Rica

Autodesk Flame visual effects and editing bay Eagle Rock LA 2007

VFX Artist
Home office. Freelance visual effects compositing in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles


Sublime documentary Avid video editor

SUBLIME documentary
Avid editor for Sublime's official documentary with Skunk Records

House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. ARRAYA live

Keyboards, live video projection, CD artwork. Photo: Live at House of Blues on Sunset Blvd.

Ludwig drum kit Santa Cruz California

Drums with various bands with this '73 Ludwig kit. Backporch in Santa Cruz, California

Action Sports & Special Projects

Camera operator TripleCrownSkate Hollywood-Tony Hawk

Camera Operator
Shooting the Hard Rock / Vans Triple Crown of Skateboarding with Tony Hawk

SURFER Magazine Video Awards & Surfer Poll 2009 video editing services

SURFER Magazine
Video editor, 1st-4th Annual Surfer Video Awards & Surfer Poll annual events

global shift ent @francis battaglia

Special Projects
Live events, short and long-format, original entertainment


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