What are Digital Marketing Services?

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Digital marketing services are a big range of services that include all things to do with your online presence - the public one(s) for your personal, business, organization and / or project profile(s).

We're talking websites, social media, YouTube channel, LinkedIn, blog, e-commerce store, Google Business Profile (aka Google My Business / Google Mi Negocio), email marketing campaigns, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok, the list goes on and on. There are many service components of digital marketing. There are entire companies that focus entirely on one aspect of marketing, but usually there are several aspects distributed into teams and junior and senior staff members.

This post will be a relatively brief overview of an introductory framework and three basic areas of digital marketing services that are offered here at Green Rocket Digital. There is a little overlap with things like content creation, but for the most part this will breakdown services into three steps - the foundation, content creation and content marketing.

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Step 1: Digital Foundation - Research, Design, Edit & Optimize

Website Design

Step one creates the framework supporting your online presence, and focuses primarily on research and design.

Knowing what's relevant and useful for customers and clients online starts with understanding the nuances and unique aspects of your business. Pre-production meetings and conversations put everyone on the same page, clarify where things are at and where they need to go with marketing strategy, website and business objectives.

Language and search in particular drive results online. Knowing the frequently asked questions, topics, challenges and search queries being used by potential clients and customers is a good idea if you want to create a website that works for your business.

Researching topics, keywords, competitors, top ranking content, top ranking ads, history and trends, creating an SEO strategy, logo design, content strategy and website development - are all things taken into account before building a website.

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From logos to landing pages, websites vary with every business. Website design includes quality content, SEO and all of the prior research. The editorial process ties together everything along with the words (SEO copywriting), original and stock photography, customized graphics and curated and / or original animations and videos.

The final part of the digital foundation is your extended online presence which may be beyond the scope of the project but needs to be audited, edited and optimized to make sure all of your social media marketing and business listings have the right information, logo and branding.

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Step 2: Identity, Relevance and Connection

Content Creation

Content creation can be minor or major depending on the project. The most important aspect of content creation is that it extends the limited reach of your website, Youtube channel, Facebook page, Instagram or LinkedIn account. You are potentially magnifying and / or amplifying your foundation and your presence. This is where brand awareness and brand recognition warm audiences up for the next thing you want to share with them on your journey together.

Whatever you are bringing to clients and customers with original creative content, it needs to accurately reflect your business and all of the things which define what's known as your brand identity. Professional headshot photos of you and your team, branded digital photographs and marketing materials with your well-designed logo make you and your business look good, attract interested clients and customers and help people know who you are and understand what your business is all about.

Youtube videos can be recut, repurposed and rebranded from the original footage if available. New footage and photos can be shot and edited into short videos and used as video ads, welcome videos and new product or service demos and promos. Creating a steady flow of entertaining, fun content can really work for businesses as much as an animated "explainer" video that can help demystify a new technology.

For an action sports startup that eventually merged with Surfline, an imbedded video channel was developed and original content was edited and created that attracted over 2 million viewers its first year without any advertising. Commercial spots and big screen awards events also brought hundreds of thousands of visitors to just the website which drove many leads, conversions, sales and revenue.

So generally-speaking the content creation piece is where things start to really connect between audiences and the focus of those branded creations - your business! This is where the magic happens that keeps them coming in, coming back for more and moving forward on that journey with what you and your business have to offer.

Bringing it back to website design and SEO, monitoring your website and understanding what 's working and what needs work is worth knowing and improving. The redesigning, innovation and creative fine tuning should be annual if not more or less ongoing as things change, including search queries and products. Staying relevant online is an ongoing challenge. A content calendar can synchronize social media teams with any website or YouTube channel development.

Is your website really finished without some essential landing pages to really drive traction for business? What about your logo, is it good enough? Does it actually work for your brand? Is it looking good enough to put into motion and create an original brand animation with the vector artwork? The opportunities for creative and user experience improvement are limitless.

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Step 3: SEO Content, Content Calendar & Youtube Videos

Content Marketing

The in-house fireworks can now be launched out-of-house, where your desired audiences hang out, drop by and connect. This is where the calendar comes out and those new tools get put to work. Digital tools for content curation are evolving in-house as I type. SEO, content AI and digital writing assistants are new options being checked out. Paid writers, photographers, and real world virtual assistants (VAs) are available, as is publishing weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly steady an ongoing SEO content publishing calendar. For events, of course unique content is needed to promote. For most businesses however, Green Rocket Digital focuses more on long-term SEO content for long-term organic traffic instead of social media since organic reach on social media is short-term and practically non-existent for most. There are exceptions with certain platforms and all can be discussed further.

Content marketing in-house usually focuses on website pages and website content. It could be a blog or or a YouTube Channel existing on or off the website but SEO content marketing essentially taps the magic of search engines. Social media marketing will likely serve a role here too but my experience is it is usually a little more time and cost-prohibitive (depending on the business, project or service), although some of the best marketing strategies involve a clever combination of paid content advertising or some version of digital advertising working together with  search engine optimization (SEO). Projects and businesses may vary, but there is an audience for every business on Google and YouTube.

Start with the digital foundation. Build from the ground up and make sure it's solid.

Identify the best topics and keywords for your business. Align the interests of customers and desired audiences with the value of your business.

Give the people what they want. Meet them where they're at.

Leverage the power of video, data, original, high-quality content crafted to be compelling, relevant and helpful for your audience as well as more easily-discoverable in search engines.

Reach, connect and grow. Build larger audiences, increase subscribers, fans, followers, search traffic. Get more potential leads and customers.

Strategic tactics and methods include search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Green Rocket Digital is usually more on the SEO side of things. You can leverage either SEO or PPC independently or combine them with a hybrid SEO / PPC strategy.

For example, you could take your best performing content and most effective SEO keywords and create ads - video ads triggered by search keywords on Youtube, search ads triggered by searches on Google, or Facebook ads that drive traffic to your best content or most effective landing page. Test and scale, step on the gas and accelerate results with best-performing elements and ad campaigns.


Thanks for visiting. This article will continue to be developed and expanded as this new website is still evolving in 2022 amidst a turbulent busy time to say the least. Stay smart and healthy, and keep having fun.


Francis Battaglia
Editor, founder - Green Rocket Digital

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